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Luneta Home Loans are mortgage brokers, and we work for you – not the bank. This means that we shop not only banks and lenders that you could call yourself, but also wholesale lenders that don’t have sales teams that you could call. Essentially, we have access to rate sheets that other companies don’t. We do this because our goal is to get people into their dream home as soon as possible – whether they are first-time buyers or refinancing their existing property.

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Hello! I was born and raised here in Utah and have lived in the state my whole life. I grew up in Tooele, UT and relocated to Spanish Fork, UT after graduating high school. I currently live in Spanish Fork with my wife, Mikal, and our daughter, Dakota. We have two border collies (Zeke & Zoe),and one fat cat (Cosmo). As a family we like spending time together at the park, camping, movies, and visiting with extended family.

Sports are one of my biggest passions and hobbies. I love to watch and play anytime I get the chance. I have had BYU football season tickets since I was 8 years old and rarely miss a game! Some other teams that I follow are the Utah Jazz and New York Giants.

I completed some of my studies at Utah State University while I was still in high school in Tooele, and then transferred to Utah Valley University after high school graduation to complete my education in finance and business management.

I have worked in many different roles in Banking since 2008, when I started work as a teller at Pacific Horizon Credit Union. In 2012, I had the opportunity to move up to being a loan officer at Chart way Federal Credit Union. During my 5 years at Chart way, I was able to serve in multiple roles, primarily as Loan Officer, Utah Service Manager, and Branch Manager.

In 2017, I was recruited by Pacific Horizon to return as an OperationsManager, a move that allowed me to get more involved in the loan process. Iwas able to gain experience in processing and underwriting all my loans, aswell as having the chance to assist newer loan officers on theirunderwriting.

I made the jump into being a Mortgage Loan Officer in August 2020, when Iwas recruited by one of my Pacific Horizon Credit Union clients. I truly amgrateful to have been recruited into the mortgage world, and I have lovedlearning everything I can along the way. I recently received additionalmortgage training from *Xinnix, The Mortgage Academy*. Xinnix consisted of300 hours of course study, 70 lessons covering the mortgage industry, 25comprehensive case studies, and 2 rigorous 3-hour certification exams.Getting my XCO “Xinnix Certified Originator” certificate gave me the jumpstart that I needed in the mortgage industry, and confidence to know how toassist my friends, family, and clients.

I am so excited to have joined Luneta Home Loans! Being here gives me thekeys to be successful, and most of all – take care of all my clients! Beinga broker, I have the power to ensure that my clients receive excellent carewith great rates and programs!

Why Choose Us?

What sets us apart from other brokers? We believe in honesty and integrity at all times with every one of our clients; this means no pushy sales tactics or hidden fees. Our team has a sincere commitment to guide our clients through the process.

This model allows us to give you personalized service with extremely fast closings. Throughout COVID, our average submission to clear to close was under 10 days! This is at a time where big banks were taking 90+ days with worse rates. In fact, we are different from traditional banks because we don’t have any internal overlays that can create hiccups in the process (such as higher credit score requirements, self-employed). This means that everyone has access to these great deals!

100% Independently Owned

We want you to have the best experience possible. We’re not stuffing investor’s pockets. We don’t have corporate overhead. Simply put, the two owners live in your community and want the best for it.

Client for Life Mentality

Our priority is you. Selfishly, this benefits us in the long run. If you absolutely love us, you will leave reviews, refer us to family and friends, and we will be your first call when you check on rates or buy a new home! This saves us advertising dollars by gaining free visibility, so it’s in our best interest to give you the best experience! This is why we offer all of our clients free tools to monitor their home’s value to help give them more education on their home and the market.

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