Federal Housing Administration guidelines require the FHA lender to include the monthly payments of non-occupant spouses in qualifying ratio calculations. However, credit scores from non-occupant spouses (either good or bad) will not be used in the application process. However, one question many people have is, “can I get an FHA loan without my spouse?” This blog post aims to shed light on the answer to this question.

Can I get an FHA Loan Without My Spouse? Common FAQs

Technically, the answer is yes. You can get an FHA loan without your spouse. However, this does not mean you cannot also get an FHA loan with your spouse. The FHA does not require non-occupant spouses to sign their names to the loan documents. Therefore, you can get an FHA loan without your spouse’s signature.

Reasons to Get an FHA Loan Without Your Spouse

1 – The spouse has poor credit

If your spouse has a record of not paying bills on time or has a low credit score, this could be an indication of a spending problem in the household. People who carry credit card balances and pay interest, buy on credit, and have never established a record of paying off their bills will have difficulty maintaining a good credit score. This, in turn, can become a problem when it comes time to purchase a home.

2 – The spouse is paying for other loans

If your spouse is paying for other loans and you have a great credit score, you may want to consider taking out the loan without your spouse’s signature.

3 – For legal purposes

If you want to purchase the property in your name and not your spouse’s, an FHA loan can help you accomplish this. This is especially useful if you want to buy the property in your name and finance it with an FHA loan and then refinance the property into your spouse’s name later.

What if I am engaged and not married yet?

If you are engaged but not married when purchasing a home, banks and lenders will require a financial statement from your fiancé. This is due to the high default rate of engaged couples who do not end up getting married.

Is it advisable to get a mortgage without my spouse?

The decision about getting a mortgage without your spouse really depends on your unique situation. Some people may simply not need their spouse’s signature to get an FHA loan, and some people may have ulterior motives. If both you and your spouse have good credit scores and have sufficient income, then it may be better to get an FHA loan with your spouse. This way, both of you are jointly responsible for making your mortgage payments on time. If you have a spouse with poor credit, then getting an FHA loan without your spouse’s signature is probably a better option. Finally, you may want to consider making the purchase with just your name if you want to get married later.


The answer to the question “can I get an FHA loan without my spouse?” is yes. However, most lenders will require an FHA loan applicant to secure a spouse’s signature on the mortgage loan documents. If you are able to get financing without your spouse’s signature, you are more likely to be approved for an FHA loan.

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